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Tuesday, January 22 2019 @ 05:51 AM EST

Bad Ass Australian Shadows Trophy Arrives

A little while ago, the trophy for my 2014 Australian Shadows Award win for Collected Work arrived, and it is totally bad ass!


I haven't named him yet, and I'm not even sure if I will, but he looks great sitting beside me at my writing desk, giving me that glaring scowl as if to say, "Hey, come on, man! Keep those words coming or I'll put a curse on your arse and haunt your dreams."


My collection, Last Year, When We Were Young is still available via Amazon [http://www.amazon.com/Last-Year-When-Were-Young/dp/0992509521] in both print and digital versions. Or, if you're not into the whole online-ordering thing, you should be able to pop into your nearest brick-and-mortar bookstore and get them to order you a copy if they don't have any on the shelf.

Here's what some of the reviewers have been saying:


"A superb collection. Horror with heart; a rare combination that's worth your time, believe me." - Deborah Sheldon
"A great collection from one of Australia's foremost short fiction writers." - Alan Baxter
"His stories are pure magic, staying with you like an echo long after reading." - Kaaron Warren
"Sometimes funny, sometimes horrifying; always clever, always disturbing. Highly entertaining!" - Jonathan Maberry
"A wonderful collection with an amazing variety of tales. This book blew me away." - Matthew Summers (reader)


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