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Tuesday, February 21 2017 @ 07:27 AM EST

Writing Toolbox - 5 Useful Tools for Writers

Seems that over the years I've settled on a suite of 5 essential writing/research tools that work for me. Apart from internet access for searches, they appear to be all I need. Every other program I've tried has fallen by the wayside, but these are the ones that remain, the ones I find essential to crafting any of my written work.

  1. LibreOffice Writer - my main writing tool. Been using it since it was StarOffice, then OpenOffice, but the new LibreOffice v5 is the best yet and I'm yet to find a single compatibility issue between this version and MSOffice. [https://www.libreoffice.org/]
  2. Evernote - the perfect research/web-clipping tool. A different notebook for each story or story idea; nested notebooks inside for plot, characters, and just about anything else I choose to chuck in the mind-mill. The browser plug-in, which allows you to clip web-pages and articles directly into your notes, makes research gathering a breeze. And smartphone connectivity (android/iphone) and cloud based saving allows me to gather research anywhere (notes, photos) and have them saved straight to Evernote, ready for when I get home to my PC to start writing. [https://evernote.com/]
  3. Dropbox - I have a Writing folder on Dropbox and everything gets saved there. As well as maintaining synchronised local copies, Dropbox ensures I'll always have back-ups and access from anywhere. In-browser editing modes and version control make it indispensable for me. [https://www.dropbox.com/]
  4. Xmind - a great open source mind-mapping tool for brainstorming and plotting, Very flexible in how it can be used, and it also can export straight to both Evernote and Dropbox. [https://www.xmind.net/]
  5. GRAMPS - a free genealogy application for creating family trees. I find it really useful for keeping track of characters, especially when dealing with 'Families' and lineage. [https://gramps-project.org/]

So, that's inside my Writing Toolbox. What tools or apps are your favourites?


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Authored by: Anonymous User on Wednesday, February 01 2017 @ 03:39 AM EST Writing Toolbox - 5 Useful Tools for Writers
Oh I am a writer and this has been such nice discovery considering I have been meaning to polish my skills. I take thesis order but has been getting complains about my competency so I need to work on that. I sure will be sure to use these tools, seem very effective, thanks!
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Authored by: Anonymous User on Monday, February 13 2017 @ 12:01 PM EST Writing Toolbox - 5 Useful Tools for Writers
Most of these.. i am using the Dropbox, but they all have different fucntions to me and use them like that.

Authored by: WilliamMatthews on Tuesday, February 14 2017 @ 12:35 AM EST Writing Toolbox - 5 Useful Tools for Writers
From idea generation to writing without distraction, to creating the Writing Services By Assignment Empire, these tools should also help you improve your own craft and hopefully stop you from banging your head against the keyboard for too long.