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Sunday, March 26 2017 @ 12:25 PM EST

Writing Toolbox - 5 Useful Tools for Writers

Seems that over the years I've settled on a suite of 5 essential writing/research tools that work for me. Apart from internet access for searches, they appear to be all I need. Every other program I've tried has fallen by the wayside, but these are the ones that remain, the ones I find essential to crafting any of my written work.

  1. LibreOffice Writer - my main writing tool. Been using it since it was StarOffice, then OpenOffice, but the new LibreOffice v5 is the best yet and I'm yet to find a single compatibility issue between this version and MSOffice. [https://www.libreoffice.org/]
  2. Evernote - the perfect research/web-clipping tool. A different notebook for each story or story idea; nested notebooks inside for plot, characters, and just about anything else I choose to chuck in the mind-mill. The browser plug-in, which allows you to clip web-pages and articles directly into your notes, makes research gathering a breeze. And smartphone connectivity (android/iphone) and cloud based saving allows me to gather research anywhere (notes, photos) and have them saved straight to Evernote, ready for when I get home to my PC to start writing. [https://evernote.com/]
  3. Dropbox - I have a Writing folder on Dropbox and everything gets saved there. As well as maintaining synchronised local copies, Dropbox ensures I'll always have back-ups and access from anywhere. In-browser editing modes and version control make it indispensable for me. [https://www.dropbox.com/]
  4. Xmind - a great open source mind-mapping tool for brainstorming and plotting, Very flexible in how it can be used, and it also can export straight to both Evernote and Dropbox. [https://www.xmind.net/]
  5. GRAMPS - a free genealogy application for creating family trees. I find it really useful for keeping track of characters, especially when dealing with 'Families' and lineage. [https://gramps-project.org/]

So, that's inside my Writing Toolbox. What tools or apps are your favourites?


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