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Wednesday, February 20 2019 @ 08:48 PM EST

NEWS: Australian Shadows Win

So, I wrote this long blog post about how the AHWA 2014 Australian Shadows Award winners were announced over the weeked. I mentioned how my short story collection, "Last Year, When We Were Young", won the Australian Shadow for Collected Word... well, I might have more than mentioned, I might have gushed a little.


I wrote how we writers all like to say how awards really don't matter that much... and then I wrote how much of a lie that was, and how great it feels to have such recognition, and ultimately vindication, for all the hours and emotion that we put into our work.


I like to think I said these things with grace and gratitude: to the judges, and all the readers, beta-readers, editors and publishers who have picked up my work at some stage over the past eight years.


But, I guess I'll never know, because this website chewed up my post and I lost it all!


So, to cut a long story short, and because I can in no way try and reproduce what I wrote the first time... man, am I happy or what? Yes, I most certainly am.


It really is an honour to have my collection selected in such a way. I'm grateful and humbled and it inspires me to work harder at the one thing I love doing... which is writing: a thing that, eight years ago when my first story was written and published, I never imagined I'd would lead to a collection, let alone an award.


So, thank you to the judges, congratulations to all the other winners. It really is an honour to have won.

Here are the judges' comments:


"Our judges chose not to create a shortlist this year because in their eyes there was one clear winner. And that winner is.... Last Year, When We Were Young by Andrew J McKiernan - A Masterful collection of supernatural horror and dark fantasy. The horror tales are disturbingly close to home, with vivid characters and a distinctly Australian tone. The atmospheric tales of fantasy take you to terrible other worlds."


And, a full list of the winners...



Last Year, When We Were Young by Andrew J McKiernan



SQ Mag #14 edited by Sophie Yorkston



Shadows of the Lonely Dead by Alan Baxter


Wolf Creek Origins by Aaron Sterns and Greg McLean



Dreams of Destruction by Shane Jiraiya Cummings





(Australian Horror Writers Association: Australian Shadows Awards website)


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