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Tuesday, January 22 2019 @ 05:28 AM EST

Interview - Night Terrors Anthology

As part of the release schedule for Kayelle Press's new anthology Night Terrors, which contains my novelette "White Lines, White Crosses", editor Karen Henderson has posted an interview with me.There I talk about myself, my writing, and the inspiration for "White Lines, White Crosses". I'm really proud of this story, and think it has some important things to say about youth, boredom, small towns and the danger that an unhealthy interest in fast cars to bring. I hope you'll all rush out and give it a read.


Here's part of the interview:


What inspired your story in Night Terrors?

I live on the Central Coast, north of Sydney, and we’ve got a lot of back roads up here that run through the bush. Twisty turny things, with un-guttered edges and rough paving. Almost all of them are lined in some way with little white crosses marking the place where someone has lost control of their car and wrapped it around a tree or a telegraph pole. I started photographing these roadside memorials – some of them crude, some elaborate, many of them decked about with flowers and photographs – and I noticed the birth-death years written upon them were almost always young drivers. One day, I drove past one I’d photographed previously and there were all these teenagers sitting around the memorial, talking and smoking cigarettes and drinking beers. That was the moment when I knew I had a story. Most of ‘White Lines, White Crosses’ was already written in my head by the time I got home.


You can read it in full at: http://www.kayellepress.com/2012/04/author-interview-andrew-j-mckiernan/


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