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Wednesday, February 20 2019 @ 09:13 PM EST

New Article - Self Help: the New Sunday Tabernacle

I've just posted a copy of an article I back wrote in August 2008 based on my observations as a bookseller on the Self-Help movement. This short article has since become the basis for my novel-in-progress, "Help Yourself".

As I sit here in the bookshop on weekends it is becoming clearer to me. The 'Self-Help' section of bookshops has become the new Sunday tabernacle: a destination worthy of pilgrimage and reverence.

The 'Self-Help' section is always one of the most frequented areas of most bookshops. If you only have one customer in the store, they will probably be standing there in front of the Deepak Chopra's, Sylvia Browne's and John Edwards'.

The boss here has this thing where we are supposed to ask every customer staring at a bookshelf "Can I help you with anything?". Normally I don't mind doing this but I'm loathe to do it when the customer is standing in front of 'Self-Help'. They shouldn't need my help! They've clearly displayed how much of my assistance they need from me by being there, in SELF help, in the first place. Ironic that the 'Self-Help' section is then filled with books by others telling you how to live your life...

Read the rest at "Help Yourself" - Self-Help: the New Sunday Tabernacle


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