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Wednesday, February 20 2019 @ 08:09 PM EST

Black Roads, Dark Highways

Black Roads, Dark Highways was my regular article and comic strip in the unfortunately short-lived magazine "Black: Australian Dark Culture". The idea was, that I would write an article and accompanying comic strip for each issue focusing on the various myths, legends (ancient and urban) and conspiracy theories associated specifically with Australian culture.

It is sad that Black's initial run only lasted 3 issues (and my own column only the last 2 issues) but it was a great magazine and the articles were fun to write and draw.

I tried to be dark as well as whimsical; gross as well as humorous - or at least I thought they were humorous in my own twisted way. Judging from the comments I received from readers, I think I succeeded pretty well.

But, Black is gone for now (although it might one day resurrect itself) and I thought I'd post the articles and comic strips here on the site for others to read (and hopefully enjoy),

You can find them both at the following links:

I hope you enjoy them!


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